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Absent Voter Ballot

Prepaid postage ballots may be returned through the USPS.  However, ballots MUST be received by  8:00 p.m. on Election Day for your vote to be counted.  Ballots may be returned in person to the Clerk's Office or deposited directly into our two safe, secure drop boxes.  One drop box is located at the East entrance to the building.  The second drive-up drop box is located on the Northwest side of the parking lot.  We recommend using the safe and secure drop boxes if you are returning a ballot within two weeks of Election Day, to avoid possible postal days.

Your ballot must be signed and dated in the designated area on the outside envelope.  Your signature will be verified against the driver license signature on file.

During the 9-days of early voting, absent voter ballots may be cast directly into a tabulator.  You will need to comply with the in-person voter identification requirements.  Absent Voter Ballots must remain in their secrecy sleeve for in-person voting.

Track Your Ballot:

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