Board, Committee, & Commission Listings

If you are interested in filling a vacancy on one of our Boards or Commissions, please email Supervisor Ramey at

Board of Trustees
Supervisor Jesse Ramey, Clerk JoAnne Kean, Treasurer Shaun Sherwood, Trustee John Lazet, and Trustee Richard Lacasse.

Planning Commission
Chair Patricia McNeilly, Vice Chair Bruce Walker, John Cady, Secretary John Lazet, Jim Minster,  Allen Winters, and Christopher Lewis.

Board of Review
Janice Smith, Jim Minster, Roger Cargill and Stephanie Keith (alternate)

Compensation Commission
Cynthia Mark, and Richard Claeys, Kevin Weise, Brad Erickson, and Becky Brimley

Construction Board of Appeals
Roger Arend, Gary Baker, and Calvin Bowden

City of Mason LDFA
 Jesse Ramey, Ted Stroud, and George Hayhoe

Downtown Development Authority
Chair Ted Stroud, Secretary Jesse Ramey, Gary Howe, Todd Luks, Fred Northrup, John Fischer, Rob Benstein, Greg Mauldon, and Byron Russell

Land Division Review Board
Vevay Township Supervisor, Assessor and Zoning Administrator

Mason/Vevay Joint Planning Commission
Jack Cady, Jim Minster, and Al Winters

Recreation Committee
Tom Bergeon, Kathleen Miller, Joseph Pulver, Douglas Shaw, Paula Horn, Dennis Propst, Coe Emens III, Ellis Foss

Zoning Board of Appeals
Chair Jack Cady, Vice Chair Ilene Thayer, Robert Schnabelrauch, Richard Lacasse, and Bill Potter
Alternate: Gary Howe