Our Officials


The Vevay Township Board of Trustees

Elected Officials

Supervisor: Jesse Ramey (supervisor@vevaytownship.org)
Clerk: JoAnne Kean (clerk@vevaytownship.org)
Treasurer: Shaun Sherwood (treasurer@vevaytownship.org)
Trustee: John Lazet (trustee1@vevaytownship.org)
Trustee: Richard Lacasse (trustee2@vevaytownship.org)


Appointed Officials

Assessor: Jeff MacKenzie (assessor@vevaytownship.org)  Please note that the Assessor is in the office only during regular office hours on Tuesdays.
Assistant Assessor: Jill Schliep
Cemetery Sexton: Jesse Ramey (cemeterysexton@vevaytownship.org)
Zoning & Building Inspector: Associated Government Services (agsinspects@yahoo.com / 1-800-627-2801)
FOIA Coordinator: JoAnne Kean (foia@vevaytownship.org)
Deputy Clerk:  Mary Ruttan (deputyclerk@vevaytownship.org)
Deputy Treasurer: Debbie Blair (deputytreasurer@vevaytownship.org)
Office Secretary: Shirley Harmon (secretary@vevaytownship.org)
Township Maintenance: Roger Shiery