Summer Taxes

Summer tax bills are mailed out to taxpayers the first week in July.

Summer tax bills are due by Sept. 14th, after that date an additional 1% interest per month is added until paid.

Tax payments are collected at the township until March 1st.  After that date Real taxes are turned over to the County Treasurer for collection with added penalties and interest until paid in full.

Summer deferment forms are available to anyone that might quality.  The forms need to be completed and returned to the Treasurer before September 14th.

Please call the Treasurer’s office if you feel you might qualify. Deferment forms are available on our website.  If you have filed summer deferments in the past you will receive a form in with your tax bill.

For Tax History or to make a payment please click the following link:

search box

Payment can be made by Credit Card (3% fee charged) or an E-check (flat 3.00 fee) on line

Please call the Treasurer’s office for any additional tax information.


Shaun Sherwood, MiCPT
Ph: 517-676-9523